Truck Driver (PS4)

There are a few games on PC that allow you to drive a massive truck and deliver trailers of goods, for example, American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 and they are both pretty fun. Console players, however, have been pretty much left out of that niche. Enter Truck Driver, on PS4  and XB1 (tho it is also on PC) The question, however, how does it compare?

Well for starters, this has more arcade-style gameplay than a true simulation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure the game is about running random trailers places to help the townspeople in a story and you are the only truck on the road, but there are a ton of upgrades and the way you upgrade skills is simply by playing the game. The truck you use or the types of jobs you do will make driving those things easier. While all this is going on you will have to follow traffic laws and not run over cars, and I was upset I couldn’t hit people with my truck. It seemed a bit unfair to me but I get it.

Anyway, driving takes a little getting used to but it’s perfectly functional. and for me, it was easier than using the mouse and keyboard. It is a lot of fun tho to just see the sites, and they are quite beautiful and being able to choose different designs for your truck is also quite fun. If you have a need for a truck sim on console this will definitely fill that need, if you are on console tho there are deeper sims. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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