Big Pharma (PS4)

Have you ever wanted to run a pharmaceutical company and make decisions on what medicines to make? Now it is your chance. Do you want to make a medicine to get rid of headaches and nothing else? Cure headaches but causes headaches? Oh yes, you can do that.

In Big Pharma, you get to run the factory that makes the medicine the world takes. Research new machines, new ingredients and make the place that much bigger. With this space, you will add new machines to change what each chemical does. This sounds complicated but it really isn’t. The game has excellent tutorials that will break things down for you quite well and it truly is a simple matter of just knowing what to build in which order.

That doesn’t make the game easy by any means. The first few levels go quickly and smoothly but it isn’t long until you will need to consider what side effects you will be stuck with and how it will mess with your sales, or if the loans are worth the extra machines or will those scientists be just enough to kill your profits?

The decisions you will make can at times crush your business if you aren’t careful or they could just be annoying when they don’t turn out how you want them too. Regardless of fans of these types of games, this one is a must buy on PS4. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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