The FBI Adventures of Will Chair

will chair

I’m going to start by saying congrats to local Scranton author Billy Kraser, our mutual friend here at the blog on his mainstream debut. I’ve covered some of his smaller works before but for his main debut he wanted to do something meaningful. Billy, born with Spina Bifida and wanted to make a children’s book to show kids with disorders such as his or others that they aren’t alone and can achieve greatness. The story follows Will Chair as he becomes a FBI agent tasked with cyber crimes and dealing with bullying cases.

Honestly, I feel pretty privileged to see the rough drafts of the book because the story in it’s final form has a damn good message. Meant for children, the book is terse and easy to read but the messages are real and the scenarios are relate able and relevant in today’s world. I’m excited what’s next for Will Chair and the the author of his story and I recommend checking his work out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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