Two Point Hospital Review (PS4)

As always, I would like to thank the ladies over at Clever Communications and the fine folks of Two Point Productions, Bullfrog Productions and Sega and Electronic Arts for this review copy. This one is special to me for a lot of reasons, and I will tell you why before we get started. As a kid, there was a thing called Sega Channel. One of the games I played was a game called Theme Park, and this introduced me to a whole new genre of game. I fell in love with it and played it for days. Eventually, I played a game called Theme Hospital for the original Playstation. I loved that game, and my mother would watch me play for hours. So all these years later for them to make Two Point Hospital, and be chosen to review it, is amazing to me and something if you told me back in 1997 would happen, I would never have believed you.

Let’s start with the bad. As of right now, there is no sandbox mode. This for me was really bad because they did include both the Bigfoot and Pebberly Island DLC. They also did not include the Superbug Initiative. These weren’t oversights however but choices made and they will be added as free updates around the end of March 2020 across all platforms. I just wish they were there from the start. View the video below to see more about the Superbug Initiative.


Another couple of bad things I noticed were at times placing items is a bit weird, you should have the space to fit them but because of how the curser works you just don’t really have the ability to get into the tight spot to place it. This is, of course, normal on a console. Killing the bugs in your hospital is also rather a pain for much the same reason.

That isn’t to say the controls are bad, they aren’t. That is a general flaw with all the games of the genre. The controls for  Two Point Hospital are actually quite well done. They are smooth and function well and the graphics are downright beautiful. I love watching the people with the Mock Star illness just dance around the hospital or seeing people with lightheadedness walk around with their lightbulb heads. Seeing them get screwed off and fixed is always fun.

Building rooms is always easy, it is a simple matter of holding a button, spreading out where you want it then picking where items go. It is also super easy to simply copy a room if you need a 2nd room. This is important to me because it shouldn’t be a hassle to build multiple GP offices for example.

The sound is also great, my favorite part is listening to random announcements from reception. For example, if the hospital is dirty she will apologize about the litter the patients dropped on our floor, and if the hospital is haunted she will tell people not to feed the ghost since they are already dead.

Everything about this game is designed to be humorous and it succeeds easily. The best part about this is while it is clearly a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital there are many things different and improved on. I am hoping this is the first of many Theme games in this universe, and this one is a must buy. I don’t believe in perfect scores and will probably never give one out, but if a game ever came close that I’ve reviewed this is it. easily a 9/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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