Surviving The Aftermath, Update 5 Sanctuary Update Trailer


  • Anti-catastrophe features added:
    • Lightning Rod defends against the Magnetic Storm by directing lightning bolts within a certain radius to itself. Repair and maintenance is needed to keep the building operational.
    • Sauna improves defence against Fallout and a Pandemic, as well as produces happiness by improving hygiene for colonists.
    • Catastrophe size now scales based on Gatekeeper input.
  • Tech tree improvements:
    • Pregame now has an ideology selection, which customises the tech tree based on the selection.
    • Tech tree has been reduced from five to four branches, but the branches themselves are bigger.
    • Multiple new technologies were added.
  • [Community request] Support for 21:9, 16:10 aspect ratios added. Support for UI scaling will come in the future.
  • [Community request] Added option to navigate back and forth with the pre-game category buttons at the top. With a gamepad, triggers can be used for navigation.
  • [Community request] New building “Lumber Yard” was added to create Planks from trees in the early game.
  • Bartering menu has been reworked, and allows bartering with both resources and currency. Buying seeds, insect eggs, and vehicles is also now possible. Reputation with the society affects pricing of the products.
  • Ladybug Icon has been changed to a blue cockroach icon. Most of the questions were also changed or tweaked, so now would be an ideal time to give feedback!
  • Old trade menu was replaced with a menu that lists all the discovered societies.
  • Top bar will now only show resources inside storages, not the ones on the ground.
  • Silver Coin currency has been introduced for trading.
  • Colony events can now cause damage to buildings.
  • Ingame feedback questions are now presented top center, instead of top right.
  • Paradox Launcher update to 2020.1
  • Read more button added to tutorial dialogs, which shows the longer tutorial content.

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