The Descent: Part 2

descent 2

Most of the time I see a movie, especially a rare kind of horror movie that’s actually scary, and I get wary. Horror and comedy lend themselves to crappy straight to video sequels and well…(sigh).

So days after Sarah crawled her way out of the caves, bloody and beaten, the cops find her. The trauma of the caves has left her nearly catatonic and suffering from amnesia. The sheriff doesn’t buy it and organizes a search party to find the girls from the first movie, ordering Sarah to come with them. Along the journey, evidence arises towards the grisly end of Sarah’s friends and soon the the Crawlers attack but as the group divides, another survivor emerges…

I try to be as honest when doing these reviews so I have to say Descent 2 outright pissed me off. I wasn’t surprised that the cave is well lighted the whole time and the amount of flashbacks and the reliance on Easter eggs from the first. What pissed me off was that other survivor (I don’t want to spoil it) because after that, the movie starts to crap on what I liked about the first. The plot itself is borderline idiotic and I wasn’t invested in any of the characters; I even laughed my ass off at a poorly done heroic death. The score is decent and there are some decent gore effects but nothing worth mentioning. In the end, I say skip this pointless sequel because it will tarnish the first for you. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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