Scary Movie 3

scary movie 3

So do you guys remember the year 2000? Well, Torsten does, and he also remembers when people loved the hell out of the first Scary Movie , making fun of the smash successes Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) . Well by 2003 the The Ring and Signs (2002) took the horror climate by storm and as well as everyone losing there shit when Eminem stared in 8 Mile. So by now Cindy Campbell is dealing as a mysterious videotape, the world is being invaded by aliens and it’s up to Cindy and a wannabe white rapper to find the connection between “horrors”

While a lot of the humor holds up decently well, I must admit this movie makes me feel old as hell. The movie is pretty simple in it’s humor but has a fun guilty pleasure vibe, despite being Pg-13. Leslie Nielson is legendary as the president and his scenes, while very few, make me laugh my ass off almost 20 years later. It’s a solid parody that is dated as hell but if you at least old enough to drink, you may get a good laugh. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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