Resident Evil 3 (2020)

re 3 2020

This game was my most anticipated game of the year and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (classic) scared the shit out of me and millions of fans and arguably giving us one of gaming’s most haunting and horrific figures: The Nemesis. The first 2 Resident Evil remakes were incredible improvements over the classics, so what of the 3rd game?

Jill Valentine is traumatized after her experiences in the Spencer mansion. As the T virus outbreak is in it’s early stages, Jill is getting ready to escape Raccoon City. An assailant is after Jill, relentless and towering. Jill is on the run while trying to save as many survivors out as possible. She meets up with a rescue team fronted by Umbrella after being saved by Carlos Olivera as the dreaded Nemesis is on there tail. Can Jill and the rescue team escape or will they fall to the unstoppable Nemesis?

A lot of negative things has been said about this game since release and I’m sorry to say a big part of the claims are true. This game is really, really short. Getting lost twice and backtracking the entire hospital for loot, the game took about 6 hours. Unlike RE 1 and 2, there is one campaign only but you do change perspectives between Jill and Carlos with Jill being the main protagonist. There aren’t any bonus campaigns and just one ending; notoriously the Mercenaries mode was taken out in exchange for Resident Evil: Resistance, which is a completely separate game. Also, while the characters are more flushed than the original and the voice acting, character models, and environments, everything feels sped up and rushed. While the action scenes are a huge improvement from Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 , much of the Nemesis encounters feel on rails and I’m sad to say he lost quite a lot of his luster and unpredictable nature. Each time you down him, he does drop loot cases and his attacks are fairly easy to predict and when you have to face him, his weaknesses are pretty damn huge. Despite the huge negatives, the gameplay is really fun and the new action focus works well off of the RE2 mechanics. The score is great and visually the game looks beautiful.  The characters and creatures look fantastic and all of Nemesis’s forms are terrifying in there own way and surpass the looks of the original. In the end, this Resident Evil remake is a fun time but far from perfection;  if this game had another year I have no doubt it would surely measure up to the other remakes. The game is worth playing but not at full price. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 3 (2020)”

  1. It stinks that this game has a lot of negatives to it. :/ I got my Game Informer magazine and RE3 was on the cover. I think I still want to play it, but go into it with lower expectations.


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