Horizon 2: Forbidden West reveal trailer

I’m feeling pretty speechless right about now. The world of Horizon always intrigued me but now I’m itching to play the first. The graphics and scope of the trailer are truly breathtaking and the machines look badass, the mastodon at the end is really badass. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: torstenvblog

Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

2 thoughts on “Horizon 2: Forbidden West reveal trailer”

  1. I was over the moon when they announced this game at the event. A soon as the trailer started I knew it was a new Horizon game. I wrote about it and some of the other games I from the event that intrigued me over on my blog. Have you played the first? If not, you really should!

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