Ara Fell Enhanced Edition (PS4)

Myself and the guys at Stegosoft Games actually have an odd history that I am 100% positive they don’t know or care about. A lot time ago when this game was about to release back on PC, believe it or not I asked for a copy of this to review and they politely and professionally said no I wasn’t big enough for them to do that sort of thing.

I’m not bitter about that, it’s totally understandable, the funny thing was however, my social media at the time was bigger than theirs. I just thought it was a funny story I would share.

Now for Ara Fell, this clearly retro inspired turn based RPG. The story is of a world above the ground in the clouds. A world where vampires hide in the dark and people live in fear of them starting a war.

The world is full of people and life and places to explore and lore to be found. All this would mean nothing if the combat was awful. Happy to say that is not the case. Every character has a sort of class with moves to learn and be upgraded. They also have set equipment and rather than trying to find new equipment you will be finding the materials to upgrade those items.

There are of course downsides to this JRPG style. The combat can get repetitive and the story while interesting does have all the usual clich├Ęs you would expect. But of you are looking for an older style JRPG that feels new, this is worth looking at. It took a few extra years to play this one, and I don’t mind that I waited a bit longer to get the full experience. Worth the time and money. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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