The Junji Ito Collection (anime)

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So as much of a nerd I am and how much I love anime, I don’t read manga. I have heard of the tales of horror legend Junji Ito so just by the cover of the anime, I was pretty excited to see what I was in store for. I wasn’t disappointed. This is an analogy series based off of a variety of stories; each episode containing two stories. A horrific model, a deadly fortune teller, a family obsessed with puppetry, and a wannabe menace trying to cause mayhem are just some of the stories. I have to give major credit to the quality of story telling in such short of a time span. The imagery is pretty damn effective and honestly some of it I found pretty creative and disturbing. The animation is top notch and I enjoyed the performances and music. In the end, if you like horror but need a quick fix, the Junji Ito collection is a anime I really recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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