Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG blended with a turn bases strategy almost board game like map that I would like to thank my friends from CookieByte games and Plan of Attack for hooking with a review code for.

Taking many plays from the XCOM play book, the game plays in the usual turn based way. The place this one changes is the world itself not only can be, but is encouraged. Many battles are won and lost on manipulating your enemy behind a tree you can knock over onto them or your mistake of where you stand.

The battle system itself is both fun an intuitive and while it can be harsh at times I never really felt it was unfair or that losing was anything other than me screwing up. You also have the option of turning permadeath on or off, which is great if you want that extra challenge. Even with it off however, if someone does you do essentially have to rehire them.

The story itself is a bit harder to get into as it broken into different campaigns, such as humans or goblins etc. The stories are entertaining and have a nice sense of humor.

The game itself is a lot of fun to play, and it is honestly one of the better games like this I have played on the PS4. There were no graphical issues that I came across, the story made me laugh and the gameplay was challenging but fair. The only issue I really had was there was little to no explanation on how to build up your base or why you should build each building an because of this it was possible to find yourself in weird situations where you would need upgrades that weren’t available to you. This also could be from the fact the world is procedurally generated though. The game is still a great 8/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods smile upon you.

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