Catmaze Xbox series S/X Review

Catmaze is another bank breaking ($9.99) game from Ratalaika Games. As always I am grateful to be tossed a copy to review.

The game starts off with a young witch named Alesta running an errand for her sick mother. This errand should be quite simple, go and get a special grass that grows near a town to the west. This is when the game starts to really teach you about this metroidvania game.

The general gameplay is quite simplistic. One button jumps, another has your little familiar attack,of which you can collect twelve. Each with its own ability such as burning or freezing an enemy.

Traversing this world is easy, and it has a very good map. It updates fast,it doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t make you guess where on the map you are. You will be backtracking a bit trying to figure things out,but the maps are nice enough that I never really minded anyway. you can also refill your health and save your game at special cat fountains which you will need frequently.

The combat itself is surprisingly tactical. At first I tried to beat everything by simply standing in front of it and blasting it or later jumping on its head. This actually works out quite well until you defeat the first boss. After that you need to be a bit more careful.

The game is a blast to play if you enjoy metroidvania games. If you don’t it is still rather enjoyable. At the price this point this game comes in which is beyond reasonable despite my earlier joke. It is worth picking up. It is a good 8/10 game worth adding to your collection. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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