Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society PS5 Review

As always with this, huge thank you to NIS America for sending me a copy of this to play. I love working with these guys. Been doing it for years and hopefully will be doing it for years more.

With that out of the way, first person dungeon crawlers are always hit and miss to me. My first one was the original Phantasy Star back from 1987 (I didn’t play it until a few years later,I was about 4 back when that came out) and I remember being so lost and having to draw my own map,and I was horrible at it. Labyrinth of Galleria isn’t quite like that,they do give you a map that fills in as you explore and through the Witch Petition system you can unlock the ability for the map to mark things on its own and for you to create your own marks, both of which are very helpful.

The Witch Petition system is pretty interesting, it lets you change the game and make it easier or harder,unlock some new abilities. All sorts of things that honestly probably don’t even need to be in the game but make for a fun system to have. This is where the hit and miss comes in for me. A lot of things in the game will leave you wondering why it is even there,but also make it kind of interesting.

Graphically the game isn’t impressive by any means. It is basically serviceable and let’s you play. The monsters aren’t bad and the designs are interesting but at the same time it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Unfortunately the sound kind of comes off the same way. It fits the esthetics and I never found it off putting,but I don’t remember it really either.

The story itself isn’t very memorable either. You play as a girl name Eureka (and I say that very loosely as technically you aren’t her) who is working for an old witch lady named Madame Marta. Together they use fully customizable puppet soldiers to explore the Labyrinth under the mansion and find treasures known as curios that the owner of the mansion wants.

Eureka and Marta

If you are asking if the battle system saves what sounds like a very mediocre experience,it does not. In a roughly 40-60 hour game depending on how many of the battles can simply be won hitting the triangle button and just letting people attack and the assortment of moves early game is abysmal anyway so really any sense of strategy wouldn’t exist anyway. This does start to change as you unlock more and more types of characters to create covens with different parts but that takes some time.

He looks familier

If you liked Labyrinth if Refrain you will probably enjoy this one, and Labyrinth of Galleria isn’t a bad game, it’s fully functional and there is plenty of enjoyment to be had from it. I did have an odd sense of joy each time I found one of the curios for example, and the crafting within in the game is quite a bit deeper than I expected. But outside of it’s niche audience, if you are looking for an entry place for this genre this isn’t it. 6/10, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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