Cyber Citizen Shockman – Debuts in the West –

The premise of what Cyber Citizen Shockman offers is a fairly straightforward, hack and slash experience as you fight through 18 stages, collecting rewards – healing, gold, etc. before you face the obligatory boss in the guise of a mecca or three headed dragon. As you progress, more powerful rewards and upgrades will be presented to you and a challenging experience with fluid movement and precise actions is well presented!


* Action platformer starring 2 characters (boy and girl), 18 exciting platforming stages with multiple routes to explore

* A plethora of upgrades to unlock

* Added image gallery from hand-made scans

* Rewind/FF functions

* Brand new english translation, plus old JP Original

* Complete EN and JP user interface!

* Save states

* CRT Filter

* Suu Urabe, famous mangaka, created the character design and the main illustrations of the game

Shockingly coming soon for the first time in the West!


Author: Savior699

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