Gears Pop (Mobile)

Gears Pop is a mobile game where you control various people and creatures from the Gears of War universe and attempt to destroy the opposing player’s structures on the opposite side of the map. This all happens in real-time with characters that look like pop figures.

Truthfully as fun as this game is and as fun it is to have a multiplayer game, I feel like if this was just about any other franchise ( Command & Conquer Rivals (Mobile) for example) a lot of people would be giving this a real hard time. There are of course microtransactions which hey I don’t mind, the game is free after all. But we have seen this exact game before, and it got so much more grief for being a cash grab tho this one is getting a free pass.

That being said the sound is great and the controls are nice. The game is easy to learn and hard to master and requires quite a bit of strategy. I have no actual issue with the game and would happily recomend it to Gears fans or fans of this genre of game. I just see it as a bit unfair that many of the people trashing simialr games are praising this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Archery Go (Mobile)

Archery Go is one of those games you see an think I’ll give it a go, then after you do you wonder why the hell you did this. Then you keep playing for a while. The game functions fine, tho sometimes its a bit annoying trying to shoot with your own finger in the way. The game, however, is challenging and fun tho and has plenty of variety. You will be shooting at balloons, bottles, and even moving targets.

The game is free so give it a shot and see if you like it, but certainly, don’t spend money on it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pokemon Masters (mobile)

Pokemon Masters is the newest game to hit the mobile market, and this time around we have a huge tournament where the best trainers from around the world have come together for 3 vs 3 tournaments. You will start out with a Pikachu and with two partners, Brock and Misty. You will then use all 3 pokemon to battle 3 other pokemon choosing which pokemon will use which attack in a sort of real-time battle that uses one gauge to determine how many attacks you can use. Each attack takes up a certain amount of the bar and you will have to wait as it charges,

After spending a couple hours with the game I have to say it functions far better than I expected. It is smooth and the battles are pretty fun while the story is pretty much what you would expect from any episode of the show itself. This can be good or bad depending on how you felt about the show, but it is a far cry from lack of story in Pokemon Go, which we all know I love. I am not sure how long I will play this one for, but it is in my rotation for a bit at least. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pocket League Story 2 (Mobile)

Pocket League Story 2 is another Kairosoft game on mobile, but this time around you are managing a new soccer team. (for the none Americans, that is football. The game mechanics are similar to all the other Kairosoft games. You are given a team to run that you will name, hire some low level and ranked players and play equally bad teams. You will grand your way up the ranks and level your players and hire better ones. As you win games and earn money you will upgrade the team and your facilities.

You won’t actually play the games, similar to Grand Prix Story Mobile story you watch the games play out, which only takes a minute or so. The game isn’t hard, my first game was a draw and my 2nd and 3rd were wins. The game does get harder later depending on how you play and the strategies you use.

I personally am not a fan of soccer, so the game really didn’t hold my interest but I feel like if I was into the sport the game would have been much better. This same game with American football or baseball would have been great. By all means, check this one out if you like the sport, everyone else may want to try a different game tho.

Pocket Harvest (Mobile)

Pocket Harvest is another Kairosoft mobile game that is a bit niche. All you do is build a farm and hire workers to go tend it. Crops are automatically sold, and if you put certain things within the area they affect other things. In the summer, you can plant Sun Flowers to help boost plants and happiness.

You can also give items to your workers to help boost their stats and make them work harder, while other items improve your crops for a few months. As the game progresses you can buy more land and improve the quality and amount of crops you can have and grow. It is all pretty standard and I don’t regret spending a few bucks on it. The graphics are cute and the game functions well, but it is pretty niche. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Grand Prix Story Mobile

Grand Prix Story is a cute little mobile game from Kairosoft. The idea is you start a race car company with a little bit of money, a small car and crew and watch them race while you decide on sponsors, crew, and parts. As you level up you get new cars, better crew, better parts, and harder races.

The game is simple and straight forward without much of a learning curve. That being said, the game itself isn’t easy to master. Putting the right parts on the right car for the right race can be fun in itself. The game, however, does have a breaking point and eventually, you do get so much money and experience you can just toss any car anywhere and win. The game, however, was worth the couple bucks I paid for it, so give it a shot and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is one of the tap games published by Kongregate but this one is just not good. It explains very little really, the gimmick of good and evil really do very little except changes the buildings you get to choose from and they make no real difference anyway. This may be the very definition of busywork that I don’t understand how anyone can possibly enjoy. It is just a matter of clicking on buildings that give you money to buy more of them to buy different buildings but it never feels like you are being rewarded for doing it. it is just a matter of doing it for the sake of doing it. This one is best avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bid Wars Pawn Empire (Mobile)

Bid Wars Pawn Empire is a mobile game from Tapps Games and the idea is simple. You bid on a storage unit and sell the contents in your store. Use that money to upgrade your store and vehicle so you can carry and buy more things to sell. The problem is that is really all there is to the game and it gets boring pretty fast.

You will quickly be running into the same items fast and going through the same motions over and over again. The game is fun at first, but it didn’t take long for me to lose interest. Best wishes an may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Angry Birds 2 (Mobile)

Angry Birds 2 is a lot like the first. You will be flinging at random structures to kill green pigs. Levels will inevitably get harder and harder and you will unlock new birds that do different things. Some will explode while others split into separate birds or fly fast to slam through targets.

The game is, in theory, simple and straight forward. Just chuck a bird through the structure and boom, stuff falls over and pig dies. Later on, however, it gets much harder. You will have to aim carefully to take out supports or push wheeled carts over and take things out that way. The game for me, however, failed to recreate the magic of the first one.

When the first released I remember being infatuated with it, playing for hours and draining my cell phones batter. This one looks better than ever and allows for plenty of customization but I just never had that strong desire to play. The game is fun of course and its good to kill a bit of time with, but for me, it just doesn’t do the same job. By all means, try it, it is fun, but it won’t likely be the nostalgia trip you were hoping for. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Junkyard Tycoon Business Simulator (mobile)

This is one of those games that looked pretty cool if you like tycoon games, had decent enough reviews to be worth checking out, and turned out to be horrible.

The general idea is you buy an old car, strip it for parts, and then sell them when the price is high to make your money back. This sounds easy and it techncially is, but it can be very time consuming. Many times I would spend more time waiting to sell parts than it took to get the parts in the first place.

The game starts off sloq as you can only have one car at a time, but as you get more money you can buy more space and more cars. This doesn’t really get you money faster so to speak, you still spens most of your time waiting. The more expensive cars are worth more money obviously but the waiting still sucks.

As with many mobile games I review, this one is best avoided. There are just better games out there that are far more fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.