The Elder Scrolls Blades


The Elder Scrolls Blades, look I am just going to be honest, I love the elder scrolls series. I fell in love when I played Morrowind for the original Xbox and never looked back. I enjoy the card game, I play the online game, I am enjoying the Summerset chapter. That being said, who the hell asked for this? The game seems to be a weird mobile walk around use your finger to slash enemies sort of adventure game. Now admittedly I may be overly critical here. Also it should be noted it Pete Hines said in an interview they want to put it on “every platform that will run it, including VR” The game however just doesn’t look fun to me for some reason. I do hope I am wrong,  but I will definitely be waiting on this one.

Super Monkey Ball Sakura Edition

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So another mobile game from the Sega line of games has come, and this one is a bit strange. In fact this one doesn’t even have a controller. The game is actually played by shifting your cell phone to go backwards and forwards or side to side, and it functions very well. It does take a bit to get used to tho.  Graphically and sound its nice however, maybe better than all the others of the Sega mobile games.

The game itself is about rolling balls around, with monkeys in them, to get around courses and collect bananas. The game is quite fun and if you are a fan of the Super Monkey Ball series definitely grab this game. Most people however probably won’t want to start here tho. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Game Dev Tycoon (Mobile/PC)

game dev tycoon

Every so often a friend will say hey savior give this game a shot, so I will drop a few bucks on it and I will. Game Dev Tycoon is on of those games. The game is actually pretty much what it sounds like. For $5 on your cell phone you can run a small gaming company that designs an sells, well games. You start in a garage alone back in the 80’s pick a couple basic options to genres and attempt to grow from there. As you grow and get better you can get an office and more employees, research new genres and even make your own game engine. You can also do what I did and run Savior Gaming into the ground. More than once.  The game is actually a lot more fun than I expected, especially for the price point it is at. Good for on the go and waiting around or even if you want a more long-term experience, tho it did kill my battery a bit. This one is definitely Savior approved tho.  Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Are Mobile Game Players Gamers?

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Every so often I hear someone mention gamers and consoles or PC but then add “except mobile/cell phone games” which always leads to the discussion, do people who play cell phone games really count as gamers? Well to truly answer this question we need to ask, what is a gamer in the first place? urban dictionary describes it as any one that plays a video, computer or tabletop game while merriam-webster defines it as a player who is game OR a person who regularly plays computer or video games.

Now that we have established from two sources that a gamer is anyone playing a video or computer game, we now have to establish, are people playing mobile games in any real numbers? Well according to business insider in 2017 mobile and tablet games were expected to bring in 42% of gaming global revenues, 32% of that specifically from mobile. In comparison console being 31% is the next biggest piece of that revenue pie, narrowly losing to mobile games.

Now we have to ask ourselves, if anyone that plays a video, computer or table top game counts as a gamer why would we not count mobile games? And more importantly, who is spending billions of dollars on cell phone games if not gamers? There must be a crossover where people who own consoles and computers are buying cell phone games, but also people that down own these things are simply spending a lot of money on cell phone games. Whether it be just microtransactions for one or two games or simply buying a bunch of different games, they clearly spend as much money and play as many games as console and PC. For me the answer is obvious, if you play on console,computer, tablet or even your cell phone, you are a gamer. We all worship the same gods, and those gods are the gaming gods, and they love us all. Except RNJesus, he is a dick. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Decap Attack (Sega Forever)

decap attack

This game has always been odd. You basically play as a monster killing other monsters. But if you are reading this you know that, you know what the game is and you are saying hey savior is it worth my time on the cell phone. Yea, it will scratch that nostalgia itch. It sounds good and plays well on my cell phone. If you liked the original or even heard good things and want to try it, now is your time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Gunstar heroes (Sega Forever)

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Gunstar Heroes is one I actually never played until now so I don’t have much to compare it to. It looks and sounds pretty good but I have to say as a fast paced shooter for a cell phone it simply doesn’t translate so well to a cell phone. I had trouble aiming most of the time and there was a delay to my jumps. That was pretty simple to compensate for but it was still pretty annoying. It is playable but for me it was easily the worst of the Sega Forever games I have played. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sega Forever ESwat

I honestly never played this for the Sega. I had heard of it, just wasn’t my scene honestly. Must admit it was kind of neat to finally give it a shot. I also will admit I didn’t like it. Nothing wrong with the game. Sound is what you would expect. Controls just fine, looks solid enough. I’m just not a fan of police games or movies admittedly. They all just seem the same. Anyway, by all means give this a shot. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory