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playstation now

The idea behind this was one I was very excited about. Hundreds of games i could stream sort of like a gaming Netflix? Any gamer and even more so for one that runs a blog would find this insanely appealing.  Since there is a 7 day free trial I said screw it, nothing to lose here.

So here i how this went, I picked my first game, Civilization Revolution. I don’t know how well this will work so i picked a game I was very familiar with. First a pretty minor issue, streaming a game was bound to come with some graphical degradation and lag. After all we are talking button commands movement etc.    I tried a couple round then switched to a racing game, none of which had bad enough lag issues to make a game unplayable or even more difficult.

The issue is it took multiple to even get a game to start, at least 3 or 4 each time. Worse there always seems to be a 5 minute wait or so while you wait since only so many people can play a game at a time. And yes it gets worse, sometimes, more often than i’d like, the game will randomly drop before you can start after the wait, and you have to start all over again. Now these issues may seem little more than an annoyance, but for $20  month I would expect better than a service than Sony supplies on this. As always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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