Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass effect has always been a series I loved. From the minute I played the first to the moment I finished three, and no I am not one of these hated the ending and demanded they change it. So when i heard about this one its safe to say I was aboard the hype train. The more I learned the more I was excited to play.

Now I will be the first to admit this game has issues. For example this weird glitch when my vehicle somehow ended up inside some old ruins.


Or this time when randomly I had the start of a Krogan army.


That being said I do think the game gets a bad rap at times. The story itself was pretty solid and I enjoyed the worlds that we explored. The combat was fluid and entertaining and gave good reason to try new things and abilities. While there was no Garus type character for me that I loved and simply needed to bring with me because I loved having them around, there was no character i disliked either. They all were interesting for me to get to know. Part of the issue is a lot of people didn’t get what they expected so for them the game was bad. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods always guide you.

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