Star Trek: Into Darkness

into darkness

This one will be interesting ,my friends. I know a lot of nerds and this is one of those movies you end up talking about because either you love it or hate it. I personally love this movie as well as a huge fan of Star Trek’s “Kelvin Timeline”. Am I a uber-trekkie? No, but I grew up with the original 6 movies and casually have watched episodes here and there enough to call myself a fan. Into Darkness picks up not long after the first movie left off with Kirk and the Enterprise on a mission to save a species from annihilation. It’s successful but almost costs Spock’s life and has them interfere with a civilization’s development – which is a huge Starfleet no-no. Kirk is reprimanded and striped of his position as Captain, which couldn’t have come at a worse time; an unknown enemy has targeted Starfleet with a grudge and in one daring attack kills many of Starfleet’s highest ranking admirals, including Kirk’s mentor, Pike. A mystery unfolds as the moral limits of Kirk and the Enterprise crew will be tested as they are brought against their greatest foe (spoiler alert!) Khan and a dark conspiracy within Starfleet.

Many people were pissed at the reintroduction of Khan and how the story pays mage to Wrath Of Khan; others were pissed Benedict Cumberbatch was physically a drastic difference than Richardo Montalban. I love Cumberbatch’s take on the iconic villain; in a lot of ways he stole the show for me. All of our character’s do a pretty good job and the action scenes are more intense than the first movie. I like how Kirk died in this scenario instead of Spock, Quinto screams KHAN! way cooler than Shatner. For fans of the other movies, much like the first movie, you’ll find Easter Eggs to high five to. If I have to pick a negative, I’d say there is less character development in the minor characters like Sulu and Checov but they still have moments. Overall, I recommend it as a sweet, fun thrill ride and may all of you live long and prosper.

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