The Bards Tale ps4


So the other day I’m bouncing around the PlayStation store when suddenly I see a blast from my past. The Bards Tale. So I excitedly grab baby savior run as fast as a fat dude can (which is slightly slower than an average walking speed) and beg and plead with my girlfriend for $10, to which she grants my request. Ok so that is greatly exaggerated but still as a kid I loved this game. The visuals were never amazing but they were good enough and with the remaster they are still the same way. Not great, but good enough. The sound is great and the songs are in my opinion some of the best written and most catchy in video game history. The game itself is also the funniest I have ever played and its not even a close discussion for me. The story is exactly what the game says. Its the tale of a bard as he does various things. Sure maybe save the world but that’s actually optional. My first ever play through I didn’t. So i highly suggest you grab $10, and prepare for a fun story with clever music and some nice action rpg game play, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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