The eyes of my mother


This movie is evidence I love you guys. I watched this piece of cinema shit so you don’t have to. And you shouldn’t. Ever. For any reason other than money or sex. And the sex better be upper tier high quality sex. So lets get to the review of this flaming bag of garbage.

First and foremost while not a big deal for me the movie is in black and white. The story starts off with a little girl talking to a man outside when mom comes to see him. He asked to come inside to use the bathroom and ┬álike an idiot mom says yes. As you would assume from a movie listed as horror psycho here kills mom and dad comes home knocks him out and locks him in the barn. Turns out they aren’t going to kill him since he is the little girls only friend. Fast forward a few years and dad dies of natural causes, dude is still locked in the barn and now little girl is young bat shit crazy woman. Nothing much ever materialises after this. Time passes some dumb stuff happens and the movie moves on to the end with psycho girl killing a few people and kidnapping a baby. The acting sucks the sound is worse and it fails in every way to be entertaining or overly artistic. Avoid this movie, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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