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I used to be a major chickenshit as a kid; I wasn’t able to look at the covers for this and Alien trilogy without almost crapping my pants in utter terror.  God, how much I’ve grown. So Alien Resurrection, a movie most people hated, got a video game in a time when if you had a movie you had to have a game. Whereas Trilogy was kind of a Doom clone, Resurrection actually broke some new ground at the time. In the Alien Resurrection game we see a lot modern FPS mechanics come into play; we were able to easily aim and shoot as opposed to many other shooters that were still getting it down. For the time the graphics were fine but now they turned to dogshit by today’s standards

alienr game2 Do you see what I mean? Playing this in early 2001 to 2003, this game was scary as hell. Also there is a really sweet idea in the game I’m pissed hasn’t been used in a alien game since; if you get hit by a face-hugger you don’t die automatically but your time is short and the alien will kill you from the inside if you don’t remove it from a hidden surgical station somewhere in the stage. The game is difficult and a little clunky but there’s one bastard of problem that makes it irritating as shit. Save points are ridiculously few and far between and in Souls fashion, you die- see you at the beginning of the stage mofo and if you don’t have a memory card, well, sucks to be you dude. Seriously, you start as Ripley 8 with no gun. You don’t casually find one on a dead body or given it in a helpful cut scene, nope, you gotta search for that damn thing because there comes a point guards starting shooting at you and you can’t punch. Overall it ain’t a bad game, it has a creepy atmosphere and the fact you are so fragile and there’s few saves adds a lot to the tension. Its on PS1 and PC and worth a try. May the gaming gods bring you glory and a memory card.

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