Americas Army: Proving Ground


I was torn when I downloaded this for free on PS4. Part of me doesn’t expect much from free games. However having been in the army I wanted good things. That being said, having served I knew this would be functional but flawed. And that’s really the best way to describe this first person shooter. Functional, but flawed. The controls are pretty standard and while graphically the game is sub par its not bad. The issue becomes where the many glitches come in. Numerous times while attempting to use an elevator it would take 3 and 4 attempts to have it actually work and more then a few times dead bodies would be simply floating in mid air. While floating dead people is easy to ignore the occasional random person floating was not. This normally happens when getting off an elevator,regardless it was still annoying as hell.

Aside from the numerous glitches I came across there really isn’t much to say about the game. It is pretty much average and standard in every possible way. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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