5 Favorite Villains

This will be a little different. This is just 5 of my favorite bad guys. The simple rules I set for myself were no repeats from a series since admittedly it would just be RPG characters. They also are not in any particular order. Suffice it to say there will be spoilers.


V1 Pagan min

The bad guy of Far Cry 4, Pagan Min. This guy is flamboyant, intelligent and bat shit crazy. After beating a guy to death with what appears to be an ink pen, he takes you back to his place for a nice meal. From here you can wait around and get the hidden ending or leave blow shit up and eventually end up in the same spot, but either way Pagan Min makes the trip worth it.

V2 luca blight

Luca Bright of Suikoden 2 is the epitome of a bad guy that is insane with good reason. I won’t get into much detail but t has to do with his mother. This dude grows up, grabs a family ruin and goes on a killing spree with an army. At one point he makes a woman crawl around and act like a pig, then he kills her anyway pretty much for being a pig. This dude also like a champ taking tons of arrows before the fight then giving you a run for your money.

v3 Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn Izunia is the newest character on the list, but no less deserving. This guy is charismatic and incidentally incredibly powerful, but what would you expect from a guy that is immortal?  This guy also happens to be the guy on this list that comes closest to destroying the world.

V4 Zeon

Zeon is the oldest entry and comes from an old Sega Genesis   game called  Shining Force 2. Zeon is also the most truly evil person here. His existence is for no other reason than to be king of the demons and wants to rule the world and destroy the gods themselves. He also has no issue burning his own people alive that fail or displease him.

V5 Zombie Hitler

The only member of the list based entirely off a real person, from the Zombie Army Trilogy series none other than Zombie Hitler. In fact I basically bought this game to see and hopefully shoot Zombie Hitler. What is there to know? Whats wore than Hitler? Zombie Hitler.

If you decide to go chasing these evil bastards down stay safe, and may the gaming gods bring you  glory.

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