Top 5 badasses of DC

So I thought a nice east way to transition back into my DC thread in time for the JLA movie, of which Savior and I plan on reviewing for you guys, would be just to talk about some of my favorite badass DC characters. In no particular order, let’s begin…

mera 1. Mera- It’s very rare in comics and fiction in general where the female lead is as badass if not more so than her male counterpart. Mera is queen of Atlantis and wife to Arthur Curry- Aquaman. I fell in love with her during Blackest Night, she was strong but vulnerable, overcoming her grief to fight back against the Black Lanterns and watching her acquire a red lantern ring was beyond epic. Besides being able to swim fast and breath underwater she is super strong and durable and can control water to varying degrees. I watched her almost dry a man out by mere contact, only stopping before his blood depleted and he almost wasn’t able to breathe, what’s more badass than that?

jon stewart  2. Jon Stewart- Whereas Hal Jordan is the reckless smartass Green Lantern, Guy Gardner is the average joe, and Kyle Raynor os practically a messiah, Stewart stands out because of his quiet demeanor, darker origin as marine corp sniper, and and his construct preference of guns and more practical weapons. Jon Stewart takes no shit on the battlefield but the man has a heart, and that’s what makes him a great character.

deathstroke 3. Deathstroke/ Slade- Whether you knew him as the diabolical Slade in the early 2000’s Teen Titan cartoon or watched in utter amazement the fight between him and Batman in Arkham Origins or hell even got the little tidbit Deadpool is pretty close to this augmented assassin. A master of several forms of hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and master with an insane amount of weapons, this soldier is imbued with enchanced strength, reflexes, agility, and regenerative capability- except for his missing eye. No comment on that. Whether he’s dicking over the Suicide Squad in the comics or declaring vengeance on Oliver Queen on Arrow, Deathstroke is always a good time.

dex starr  4. Dex Starr- he’s just as adorable as he is dangerous. This tragic red lantern maybe a former house cat but he still will fry you with his rage; closely associated with Atrocitus, leader of the hateful Red Lantern Corp, they share a sad bond over the rage of loss. Big things really do come in small packages.

red hood  5. Red Hood/ Arkham Knight – Jason Todd, Batman’s second Robin, was killed horribly by the Joker when he was a teen. Years later Gotham’s criminal underground is getting wrecked by a man wearing a red hood just as Joker did before the fall, and moves like Batman. Against his mentor he’s formidable, retaining his former master’s fighting skills and know how but not the restraint. He kills without remorse because he feels if Batman would, all the chaos and death his villains cause wouldn’t happen,  and so the Red Hood exists to prove such a point.

I hope you all enjoyed and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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