5 great horror games to scare the crap out of you.

October is practically Christmas for us at Saviorgaming so I thought I’d help kick shit off with a list of some of my favorite horror games. In no particular order, I can tell you these games gave me a good scare or at least spiked my blood pressure a bit. So let’s begin…

rere1 1. Resident Evil (remake) – Resident Evil was a tricky pick for which I’d pick. 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 were all acceptable really but the remake is somehow timeless. With a creepy as hell atmosphere, lack of ammo, interesting plot and two ways to play through it all, it’s a fun classic to bring out this Halloween that holds up pretty damn well and brings up a harsh challenge.

bloodborne 2 Bloodborne- call me whatever you want but this game got me a few times. And no, it wasn’t because of how hard the bosses are. I’m a fan of H.P Lovecraft and good bloody body horror and fucked up disturbing creatures, so Bloodborne filled my appetite quite nicely. Yharnam has an aesthetic close to the old settings of the classic black and white Universal monster movies I grew up with as well as I can imagine the Hunter traveling to slay Dracula or the Frankenstein monster. If you want a scary game that’s beautiful, bloody, and will kick your ass Bloodborne is for you.

evil within.  3. The Evil Within- Especially relevant with the sequel dropping next month, Friday the thirteenth to be exact, why not catch up? Revisit the horrors of Ruvik’s mind as you try to survive madness and monsters in the second best “horror casserole” I’ve ever played.

deadspace 4. Dead Space- This is my favorite “horror casserole” of all time. ith vibes from Alien, Carpenter’s Thing remake, Resident Evil, Evil Dead, Event Horizon, and good psychological twist,  Dead Space encapsulated me in Isaac Clarke’s quest through the ruined Ishimura for his missing girlfriend Nicole and the monstrous Necromorphs- which holy shit they are awesomely creative and freaky. The atmosphere is extremely freaky but breathtaking, the audio is creepy, and the game is scary as hell but still a blast.

isolation2  5. Alien: Isolation- anyone who knows me knew this was coming. Who wouldn’t want to be inside one the all time scariest movies? Isolation puts us there, disadvantaged against overwhelming odds and an unkillable alien that is shockingly lifelike. It’s a very tense game with a good story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and have you question every noise you hear at night. Keep out of the vents my friends.

I hope you enjoyed my list and with the exception of Dead Space, we have reviews for all the aforementioned games. The Dead Space trilogy is soon to come as well as more Resident Evil and what not. Thank you for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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    1. Always a hardcore decision which of the original Resident Evil trilogy. Each one had it’s own little flare but the remake still gets me to this day.

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