Transport Giant PS4

transport giant

Yes I know it is October, but occasionally I do have to review stuff that isn’t horror related. but here have a ghost train.

ghost train

Dead serious, do not buy this game expecting a ghost train, there isn’t one. That being said if you like in depth simulation games this may be for you. This isn’t exactly a game you can sit down and play for 15 or 20 minute and be successful at in a meaningful way. In fact one of the trophies is for playing 100 hours. The sound is nice but not spectacular and the graphics aren’t good but for a sim game they are passable. At the end of the day tho this game is really only for die hard fans of the sim genre as you will spend a lot of time in menus and plotting courses as you build an empire transporting goods to various businesses and towns all pre built, anyone else should spend their money elsewhere.

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