Zoombies (2015)

I gotta be honest here. I have no idea how to score this movie. The idea was pretty damn original all things considered. All the zombies were animals from a zoo dedicated to endangered species of animals. I love them combining to things people are passionate about, animals and endangered species. That being said it fell into this weird spot where it was a campy B- Horror movie that was trying way to hard not to be what it was. Now anyone that follows my blog knows I LOVE those types of movies, but they have to be done right and this one, well it was hit and miss.

It has a fun goofy premise, but it randomly tries to be serious at random times then skips back at random to being goofy. For example the little girl having a tea party with her stuff animals discovers her koala bear has been replaced with a zombie koala. The scene gets real serious and when we go back to the little girl she somehow ripped this thing in half. Cool goofy fun…but no-one ever mentions this again. It is just accepted that this little girl did this. We then move on. I can happily accept a goofy B-Horror movie or a serious one. But please don’t mix and match. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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3 thoughts on “Zoombies (2015)”

  1. We watched this too over the weekend. Better than expected, still funny but some of the kills wee gruesome. The woman at the end with the eagle making a nest? Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

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