Stranger Than Fiction (2000)

This movie actually reminds me of an old 80’s movie. A group of friends go to the bar one night for drinks, egg a guys car that screwed over a friend at work and go home. Turns out one of them went to a gay bar picked a guy up. He got a bit rough and in self defense gets killed. In an attempt to help their friend they try to hide the body.

Driving to a foundry to destroy the body they run over a homeless man. Yup. That happens. After going to a wedding with the bodies in the trunk of a car it turns out the homeless guy isn’t dead, but the car gets towed.

Trying to get the car back a man in the garage attempts to blackmail them into giving them money and they kill him. Eventually they finally get rid of the bodies to discover an old lady neighbor knows. She also ends up dead but it is debatable whether or not that was natural causes or murder. The movie itself is quite strange but entertaining. It may also just be the ramblings of a writer in a bar, but is it a work of fact or fiction? Only one way to find out. Give it a watch and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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