Mercy (2014)

This movie was a bit odd. Not truly bad or good, just odd. Essentially a family moves to help take care of their elderly grandmother. Seems pretty easy. Mom is obviously worried oldest son hates it youngest kid was closest to grandmother. Which is probably why he was easy to convince to stop giving her the medicine that kept her docile.

The problem is grandma wasn’t so much dying and needing medicine to keep her calm as she was being drugged. Why was she being drugged? Well there is some back story to that.

Grandma in her younger days was a good god fearing Christian. Even helped build a church and was great friends with the local Priest. Unfortunately after numerous miscarriages she got heavily into necromancy. And each time she used it she lost something starting with her husband than pieces of herself.

There is a lot going on in this movie but honestly I must advise you skip this one. While the movie is well put together and the story does make sense its just isn’t interesting really. It is simply the story of a woman that sold her soul and attempts to steal the body of her grandson except instead of using the devil they are using necromancy. Watch it at your own risk, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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