5 of my favorite monsters (Torsten edition)

I gotta give my partner and big brother Savior credit, he did a countdown of his favorite monsters that was pretty cool. So I thought I’d take a jump into the fray and talk about some of my favorites as well. In  no particular order, though if you followed my work so far you may know I got a undying love for 1 in particular, so let’s begin with them.

alien c1 1 Xenomorph (Alien)- what can I say except that no creature in my mind represents beauty and dread like the creature ripped from Giger’s nightmarish design, the perfect organism.

werewolf 2. Werewolf- tragic beasts that are man by day and monsters by night. My attraction to these creatures is that it is totally beyond there control; they are as much victims as those they slaughter. Also, they look epic and weren’t they a bitchin part of Skyrim?

necromorph 3. Necromorph (Dead Space trilogy)- how do we make zombies scary again? Mix them with the sporadic nature of Carpenter’s Thing and put the bastards in space. Always in various fucked up forms, Necromorphs are a flexible zombie alternative to haunt your dreams.

nemesis 4. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)- speaking of zombie alternatives, how about a zombie on steroids in a trench coat with long tentacles, a rocket launcher, and a screw you attitude. Also I forgot to mention, he doesn’t go down at all. Almost nothing stops this behemoth.

Frankenstein 5. Frankenstein’s monster- a classic, tragic beast constructed from the dead body parts stolen by a young man curious about life and death. The monster has been brought to life many times but I can’t help but be fascinated by the idea and he is pretty epic in the book, a Karloff was amazing.


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