Organ Trail PS4

A while back I wanted to play a game from my childhood. Oregon Trail. The original by the way not the 4 million sub par versions that came after. That is when I stumbled on this and figured why the hell not.

The game plays just like Oregon Trail. You pick a vehicle, in this game you start with a car. Buy some supplies with your limited money and head out to travel across America with whatever you choose to name your party. I recommend Romero because hey its a zombie game and there is a trophy involved if you make it with him alive.

As you travel you will have to make an assortment of decisions such as how to pass a horde of zombies or what to buy in a town or what upgrades to buy with your limited money. You can also choose to help or ignore odd jobs.

While the game is simplistic in both sound and visuals it is still fun if you were a fan of Oregon trail, and the co-op is a nice time kill as well. Give it a shot, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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