Burying The Ex

I won’t lie. I figured hot chicks and a dumb movie. What I got was hot chicks, a novel approach to a classic creature and an interesting story. I was quite pleased with this one.

It is really straight forward tho. Boy meets girl. They date. Boy no longer likes girl. Girl gets hit by a bus and dies. Bot meets new girl…ex comes back from the dead and moves back in..ok so not really straight forward completely but damn would that cock block you. And it did this guy so bad.

No surprise Yelchin played his role amazingly and I am still sad he passed away, as did out lovely ladies Green and Daddario, both talented and I wish we saw them in more movies.

As the movie goes on we see why living with a zombie would be a bit weird. Like how weird it would be when they make you breakfast or how awkward it would be if they wanted sex and worse when your half brother walks in and thinks you dug up the body before freaking out worse when he discovers you live with a zombie.

Honestly if you are looking for just a fun movie to kill some time with that isn’t your average movie this is a good choice. Maybe don’t watch it with young kids tho. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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