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flash sn1

A few years ago, I was drastically obsessed with the CW DC shows; Arrow was in it’s prime and in season 2 we saw Grant Gustin debuted as Barry Allen ending his arc with the events that lead to him becoming the Flash.

Barry Allen wakes from a coma after being hit by lightening after a disastrous incident with a particle accelerator, leaving him with superhuman speed and a connection to the Speed Force. After the incident, lives are turned upside down however. Dr. Harrison Wells, creator of the device, is left paralyzed but fascinated by Barry’s transformation; his assistant Cisco Ramon is thrilled by the discovery of a Meta-human, while his other assistant, Caitlin Snow, is grieving her fiance, Ronnie Raymond’s seeming demise in the accident. Before the change, Barry was a forensic scientist hoping to crack the case that put his dad wrongfully behind bars, being taken in by Detective Joe West, and his daughter Iris, who Barry secretly loves. And it’s because Joe is in danger from someone much like Barry, another Meta human, does he don the red of the Scarlet Speedster and take on his famous villains like Captain Cold, Grodd, Trickster, and Weather Wizard. But there is someone like Barry, someone malevolent that we discover has been the driving force of Barry’s life and misery, the powerful Reverse-Flash…

Ok, to start I have to confess that I only got to see the first season so far. And I loved it. Gustin is spot on as Barry Allen and the cast does have a great chemistry. Tom Cavanagh especially caught me as especial as Reverse Flash. For a TV show, the special effects are awesome and the fights are cool. The overall story is engaging, and really cool seeing Barry push himself to learn more about his powers and the Speed Force. My only real complaint is a lot of the villains felt like X men clones. In the end, I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to hit season 2 in the near future.

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