Stranger Things (Season 1)

Stranger things was one of those shows I hadn’t heard of until it was out. Then people went ballistic over it. I am talking everyone I knew screaming watch this damn show it is the best thing out there ballistic.

The problem is these same told me The Walking Dead was the best written show on television. TWD was good. But the hype didn’t stand up to reality.

That being said I broke down and watched the first season of Stranger things probably after most people did. And while I won’t say it is the best thing out there it is amazing.

Season one starts out in possibly the most 80’s nerd way possible. Kids in a basement playing D&D. That is Dungeons and Dragons for you nerd illiterates. Anyway after we hear a complaint to mom about having only played for like 10 hours the group goes home.

Seriously this show is essentially an 80’s horror movie cliche. It even has a token black kid, tho he doesn’t die first thankfully because he rounds out the group very nicely. Later on we discover an evil corporation is covering stuff up, teens are going missing and dying.

The story is great, but these damn kids honestly make it. 11 does more without talking than some actors do at twice her age with a full script and if Finn Wolfhard can keep his head on straight and avoid the rampant abuse in Hollywood he is going places and I hope all these kids nothing but the best.

The show however is not perfect. Remember when I said the show was basically an 80’s horror movie cliche? I meant that in a very real sense. Some of the dialogue can be corny and one dimensional at times, the big bad creature is hardly seen and when it is to be honest I wasn’t neither scared or impressed. Everyone should at least try the first few episodes. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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