WWE 2K18

WWE 2k18. Have to be honest, been a very long time since I bought a wrestling game. I played WWE 2K17 for the Xbox on a free play weekend and I have to say. It was brutal. The game was not good. I hated the reversal system, it wasn’t very responsive at all. In fact I almost did not buy 2K18. Some friends said it was trash some said it was great. I basically flipped a coin and picked it up on sale for the PSN sale.

I have to say the controls are a huge improvement over last years. The reversal system is far easier to use and more responsive. They aren’t exactly easy by the way, it will take some time to master or even truly get the hang of it.

Graphically the game looks good, best looking wrestling game I personally have ever played. That being said it is far from being a modern marvel. Its simply an average looking game. There are also some minor glitches where characters pick people up but aren’t quite touching people and things of that nature.

Another thing that many modern gamers may hate is it seems like almost everything is locked from the start. Most moves, around 80 characters, entrances hell even the advance entrances are locked for my career mode. You have to buy what the game calls loot crates to unlock them. This is done with in game currency earned simply by playing the game and is earned in every game mode as far as I can tell. Its a throw back to the old days when you were rewarded for playing a game and not having a fat wallet.

Now as I said earlier, I don’t buy wrestling games often, so many of these things are new to completely new to me. For example walking around the locker room my friends character is just hanging out sitting on a a crate. Another friend was standing next to a wall after I won the NXT title. I didn’t even know this was a thing but apparently its not new. I think many of the flaws were lost on me since so many of these things were new for me. So coming from a guy returning to the WWE gaming universe after a very long hiatus, now is a good time to return. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you greatness.

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