Due Date (2010)

Oh Due Date. This movie should in theory not be good. Its the odd couple on a road trip. And yet here we are. A great comedy that never fails to entertain. Honesty I think if this were any two other actors it would not have worked.

Essentially two men, one a complete idiot with no life experience that wants to be an actor and is obsessed with the show 2 and a half men and a business man obsessed with finding the perfect name for his soon to be born kid get kicked off an air plane and due to circumstances beyond their control are forced to carpool together back to the city of angels.

What follows is a story of masturbating dogs, car accidents, a prison break from border patrol and a plethora of other messed up situations that lead to comedy gold. There are plenty of twist and turns along the way and after 7 years I still hope to see these two in another movie together. They just seemed to go together. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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