Top 5 Games 2017

I actually thought about not making this list, mostly because they tend to piss people off. So I made it anyway. A few things to point out tho, 1. to make this list, I had to have personally played the game. Don’t expect a Nintendo Switch game. I sadly do not own one, and have never used one. 2. A couple games on this list came out prior to 2017, but released on a new console in 2017. I counted it. and 3. These actually are in order from 5 down to 1.

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Resident Evil 7 was visually impressive, told a great story and was creepy as hell. Its only real downfall was it was short, and honestly I was fine with that. Creeping through this place in first person was great while it lasted and after Resident Evil 6 restored my faith in the franchise.

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Cities Skylines is the first of the games that came out prior to 2017 nut released on PS4 this year and reminded me that a city building game can be fun and addictive. From building that first piece of road and deciding where to build homes, commercial and industrial zones, to setting taxes and even when and where to build monuments and schools the game was fun.

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I knew The Evil Within  2 would be good. Magnificent even. I loved the first one, so why not the second? I however was not prepared for how amazing The Evil Within 2 would be. Right from the start it doesn’t shy away from doing things many games wouldn’t but it also had no issue using what wasn’t there to make the environment scary.

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The other game on the list that was out prior to this year, it came out this year on the PS4. Elite Dangerous can only be described as a space simulator. The game takes place in a life sized version of our galaxy ( yes you can with the right permits visit Earth) The game itself is huge, and you can easily sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into it, in fact many people have. The game however doesn’t care about you. You aren’t a chosen one or special. You are just one person in the galaxy doing what you want to do, and I never had so much fun in space.

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This for me is without a doubt game of the year. Persona 5 is a master piece of gaming, graphically beautiful, the story is superbly done and the sound it absolutely stunning. The characters feel almost like real teenagers at times and Japan itself is full of things to do and people to see with shops, hangouts and restaurants. With around 100 hours in I still haven’t seen it all.

And that is my list, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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    1. I really think RE7 got treated a bit unfairly by some people. It was just more like the original parts of the series than many new comers were used to I think.

      1. I had actually never played any resident evil except for RE4 and I still thought the game was outstanding. The story was so compelling and I loved that you could reply it with slight differences due to unlocking new weapons and items. Its definitely one of my favorite games at the moment

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