So again from Savior and I, Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Now here’s a movie for all those kids who wanted a puppy, kitten, or pony for Christmas and why taking care of your pets is important…if you don’t they will turn into monsters and try to kill you.

This Christmas adventure begins with a struggling inventor who visits a old Chinese antique shop in his travels, coming across the perfect present for his son Billy. An adorable creature that makes cute singing noises and is heart meltingly cute. Against the owners wishes, the inventor takes the creature and brings him back home. This creature has rules though: no sunlight, no water, and don’t feed it after midnight. Simple right? Well, Billy accidentally let’s his new pet Gizmo get wet, and something strange happens: Gizmo reproduces. However these new offspring aren’t as sweet and lovable as Gizmo, leading into trickery letting theseĀ  annoying little bastards to eat after midnight, transforming into violent, hideous creatures that are out for mayhem and chaos…

Gremlins is a classic anytime of year. The characters are memorable, the effects are great, and it does well to mix black comedy with some fair scares. I highly recommend this movie for all ages this Xmas. May the gaming gods bring you glory and don’t feed your damn mogwai after midnight.

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