Dark Souls Remastered


Well the title says a lot. The following video will say much more.


Now the video and the title will say a lot, but there is more info out there. For example there is a trilogy box set that comes with Dark Souls one ,two and three along with a ton of other stuff like art books, book ends and other assorted items, and all for the low low price of $450 (American) Now that won’t be in the cards for me and the sooner than expected release date of May 25th.

What does the remaster include? Well 1080 graphics on the PlayStation and Xbox one as well as upscaled 4K graphics on the One X and Pro with native 4K on the PC. I do have some concerns tho, the original dark souls was damn near broken at times and it basically required manipulating broken hit boxes and camera angles as opposed to actual skill. Dark Souls 2 to a lesser extent had a similar problem but Scholar of the First Sin fixed those amazingly, and I really hope the remaster of DS1 does the same. I am personally excited but optimistic. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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