Metal Gear Survive


When I first saw this game I had the same thought many people had. What the hell is this and what did you do to Metal Gear. Tho as I am not a huge fan of the series I kept an open mind saw a few trailers like the following that gives a few more details.

After seeing that with some of the good looking visuals and see how the game will function more I have actually changed my mind from my initial “What the hell” reaction. It really now more of a WTF reaction. The game doesn’t look bad, and honestly it might just be because it is so different from the rest of the series it just seems so vastly different that it almost seems heart breaking to have the Metal Gear name. I will admit tho that it does seem rather interesting and I am not against playing this one, but I will be waiting on reviews and a sale for this one after its February 20th release date. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory

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