Brave New Jersey (2016)

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A long time ago, in 1938 Orson Welles wrote a radio broadcast heard by millions, that started with something like ” We interrupt this broadcast with a special news bulletin, martian have invaded New Jersey” or something similar. People went nuts and began to flea their homes in Panic. That at least is how the story goes, tho there isn’t much evidence to support it. There are some news headlines that have largely been accepted as the news papers attempt to discredit the newly emerging radio news.

This movie however tells the story of a small town in New Jersey as it gave into this alleged hysteria. The movie is quite interesting and paints an amazing picture of just how some people may have acted. Most period piece movies can’t seem to find that line between realism and interesting enough to keep modern people interested, but Brave New Jersey managed to do both. While the movie does have its downtrends and you pretty much know the ending from the opening credits for those interested in history it is a fun movie to watch, tho I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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