X Men: The Last Stand


Director Bryan Singer was given a choice after coming off of his sucess with the first two X Men films: do X3 or hope on to the WB and do Superman Returns. He went to Superman and damn you can tell.

How does the mutant community react when the government develops a cure? Magneto takes the amount of outrage from the news to gather a remarkable army with his young protege, Pyro. Meanwhile, Rogue is thrilled. Many of the X Men are still mourning over the death of Jean Grey, taking it the worst is her fiance Cyclops who is suffering a grand amount of depression. But something is telling him to see her, and he discovers Jean is alive. Here we discover Jean’s secretly ultra powerful and Prof X has had to tie her powers down mentally, but they are now unleashed as…ugh…the Phoenix. So Wolverine must ban together with X Men young and old for a final stand to save the cure and stop Phoenix….

Ok, I don’t hate this movie. If you want a straight up action flick, it is pretty entertaining. Kelsey Grammer is another amazingly perfect casting as Beast. Where the movie begins to fail is the fact they are essentially cramming two giant ass plots into a movie that’s just two hours, not really giving either the depth they deserve. Also, Wolverine becomes the main focus of the movie, the other X Men are just minor characters like Storm and Beast, or just there like Rogue, Iceman, Angel, or Cyclops. There are two times I feel the effects go overboard but other than that, they are solid. In the end, being the worst of the original trilogy, it is still a solid movie. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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