Deceit (PC)

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What happens when you have a 6 person team trying to survive, but 2 of them are actually infected monsters with the goal to kill everyone else? You get Deceit, and you get a group so paranoid the smallest misstep will see you shot by your teammates. The 2 infected need to drink blood, and everyone needs to collect items and try to survive. Every so often the lights drop and the mad dash begins to escape to the next area, but sometimes one of the infected might catch someone unaware, and thats when betrayal starts. Sometimes. While trying to figure these things out sometimes people attack the wrong person.

One game I played the team was convinced I was infected. and with only 5 of us left I was killed. The last thing I saw while being shot was the 2 infected transform behind them and attack. It was a beautiful moment of karma. The game isn’t perfect, but it is fun as hell. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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