Definitely,Maybe (2008)

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Definitely maybe is basically the short version of how I met your mother when it comes down to it. A daughter wants to know how her parents that are now going through a divorce met, and her father played my Ryan Reynolds is a bit less than enthusiastic to tell his young daughter the history of his dating life. Hey I can see why, who wants to tell their kids their dating history. The movie isn’t Ryans usual comedy, it is actually a sweet and yet at times sad story of a man that just can’t seem to get the timing down with the love of his life.

The movie does of course have a happy ending as it is above anything a love story, for fans of that the movie is actually great. The story is sweet, and well done. Many people however will be going into this expecting it to be a comedy and will be greatly disappointed. That being said, it is worth a watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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