The Long Dark ( Xbox One)


A plane crash, a cold wasteland. The indomitable will to survive. The Long Dark. What possibly is the hardest survival game ever made. You see there is a sandbox mode with a fun little story mode, but the real fun is in the sandbox.

You will be dropped into the wilderness with some basic supplies and thats it. No tutorial, no hints no map telling you wear to go. Just you, the frozen land of Canada and the wilderness. You will need to quickly find wood for a fire and hopfully some shelter before the cold and exhaustion take hold. After that you will need to find warmth, food and any other supplies you can get your hands on.

There will also be a need to go exploring, since things like a rifle, hatchet and other better things aren’t going to be easy to find. You may need to hide out in a cave, or a small fishing shack, where fishing can also be an option. This is a game that is worth checking out, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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    1. I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t play the story at all. There is one, it has to do with your plane crashing in Canada due to some sort of a geothermal storm. I don’t think its finished tho.

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