The Good Catholic (2017)

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The Good Catholic is the story about a young priest in training working hard at two things, being a man of god, and being a great runner. Than one day this man of gods takes the confession of a girl and both of their lives start to change, possibly forever in this romantic comedy. Through out the movie he will deal with various things, from sermons, the death of his father even discovering that the clergy do need interest besides god.

The problem is The Good Catholic never really becomes that good of a movie. Outside of John McGinley (doctor Cox from Scrubs) the movie is never actually funny, and the movie isn’t even all that much of a romance movie. The main character isn’t even good. Not the actor by the way, the character himself is just dull. I am sure some people will enjoy this, but if you are looking for a good laugh or love story there are far better movies out there. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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