The Boondock Saints (1999)

boondock saints

The Boondock Saints is a rather odd movie in that it probably shouldn’t be as good as it is. Sure the premise is good. Two guys take it upon themselves to kill the undesirable criminals that the law can’t take down themselves. The issue is the addition of the religious twist. This usually makes things come off as weird.

However this time around their religion while very much in the forefront of who these Irish brothers are, it isn’t in your face. It is the reason for what they are doing, but it isn’t quite the catalyst. It does however drive them. Oh, and did I mention its also a damn comedy? Seriously it is a serious movie and a comedy at the same time. The entire movie on paper reads like something a drunk guy wrote down or a couple of 15 year old kids made some weekend. It should not work. Yet it does, it works well. The movie is interesting and has some parts that are hilarious and may be one of the most quotable movies of its time. Admittedly the movie is over hyped at times, it is far from perfect and has its issues. The story has so many plot holes its ridiculous. Don’t try to think about the movie, just enjoy it for what it is. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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