Resident Evil: Revelations 2 first impressions

re rev2 pt1

As a horror fan, of course I’m a Resident Evil fan but I can’t say I really played the Revelations games. Friends and fellow fans give them good reviews but I just never played them. Well, I got Episode 1 of Revelations 2 (which the fact the game is episodic kind of pissed me off at first) Playing a decent chunk of the game however, I found quite a lot of things I really liked.

Series veteran Claire Redfield and Moira Burton (daughter of RE alum Barry from the first game) get kidnapped during a fancy fundraiser and taken to a dark, dank, underground prison where some biological experiments have gone on and they have to survive while being surveyed by a raspy voiced watcher.

First I have to say I love the game’s familiar controls just made more fluid; standard controls feel like 4 but made quickened and the partner switching is just as fluid and easy as it was in 0. Aiming is easy and quick but I have felt a bit airy when shooting- like something about shooting gave me a feeling at first like I may have been missing when I wasn’t.  Moira’s part is interesting. She pretty much mans a flashlight and a crowbar, using the light to blind zombies or find hidden items while using the crowbar to defend yourself or Claire. I never found her useless like prior sidekicks and her A.I isn’t brain dead either and vice versa. The monsters I found so far are…well, Resident Evil standard, gooey, gory, and want you dead. Did I find them scary, eh not really but never the less the bastards weren’t paper people either. I get why the story is episodic now but I still wished it was  just one game. In the end, I want to finish it up and enjoy it because I think it will be good. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and dammit no one wants to be a Jill Sandwich.

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